Mormon Messages

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What are you up to Juliette?

You know your two year old is up to no good when she gives you a face like this. Another sure sign is when things are just a little too quiet.

Yes, this is paint on her face. No, it didn't come off.

We were ready to head out the door for church and discovered that Juliette had tried to make herself some chocolate milk. The chocolate powder was everywhere. Amazingly though, we were still on time for church ofter this little clean up.

What could be more fun than trying on daddy's shorts?


Mark and Karen said...

She is adorable, messes and all. I'm glad it's not me cleaning up. ;)

mshjwj said...

Amazing that you were still on time for Church! We would have been way late if that was me b/c I push everything till the last minute!

Baltzers said...

Love the one where she's sitting on the floor putting on the shorts. Your room is perfectly spotless too!