Mormon Messages

Monday, November 30, 2009

9 months

I love Ian. He started out as a bit of a fussy baby, but his little personality continues to develop and he is just a lot of fun. He has four teeth showing in this picture, but another two had actually already broken through. He army crawls and rolls around faster than any baby I've seen, except for maybe Alex. He loves to be on the move.

American Heritage Festival

We all had great fun at this American Heritage Festival out in Maricopa. It was a hands on living history exhibit. We got to see a Revolutionary war battle that included real cannons being fired. We visited with trappers, doctors, dress makers and all sorts of people. The kids learned how to play pioneer games, do laundry, identify different animal pelts, write with a quill and ink, and make corn husk dolls. We also met Abraham Lincoln and he gave the kids brand new pennies that had a Lincoln's log cabin on the back.

Halloween 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Alex's Robot

Alex worked hard on this robot that he made for a school project. He used empty boxes, cans, pvc, and other odds and ends to create it. This picture was taken right before school. We had a hard time fitting it into the car to get it there.

Our First Camping Trip

This was our first little camping trip. Josh and I are not real outdoorsy people, but we want to at least have our kids experience the great outdoors. We decided since we had all of the equipment we might as well give it a try. I think we all had a fun time. Maybe not so much sleep, but it was definitely worth going.

Too Tired to Eat

I think this was lunch. I made Juliette a sandwich and then made lunch for Josh and I and when I turned back around she was out cold.

Alex's 8th Birthday

Alex's 8th birthday. He counted down the days until his birthday and is now counting down the days until his baptism. He wanted a scary birthday cake so I came up with these monster eyes. I thought they were fun.

Just Plain Cute

Two random pictures. Notice the mohawk?

The Next Generation

Ian and Juliette are definitely not afraid of technology. Little buttons and gadgets are like magnets, they are drawn to them and have to poke and push.


These two little ballerinas were practicing together while waiting for Genevieve to finish up in her dance class.