Mormon Messages

Monday, July 28, 2008

Juliette is Two!

We celebrated Juliette's birthday on Saturday. She's two! She loved being in the spot light. We had cake and ice cream ( she turned her nose up at the cake and would only eat the ice cream), opened gifts, and went swimming. She loved the first present she opened (a tea set) and would have been completely happy with just that one gift. Maybe I should have put the rest away for Christmas.

She is such a sweetie, we love her.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm sorry to say that I didn't get very many good pictures at Disneyland, I was too busy going and doing and keeping track of the kids. We did have a lot of fun and were ready to go home at the end of the day. Aleah and Alex were tall enough to go on the "big rides" this time around. I couldn't believe how adventurous they were. Genevieve and Juliette spent a lot of time with Grandpa and Grandma going on the "little rides."

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach was just beautiful. The temperature was perfect. We spent two pleasant afternoons at the beach just enjoying the waves and the sand. The kids learned how to dig for sand crabs and build sandcastles. Juliette couldn't seem to get enough of the water, she was fearless.