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Monday, August 18, 2008

Genevieve's 4th Birthday

Genevieve was so excited to turn four. She really thought that everything good would happen to her when she turned four, that she would finally be big. I hope she's not disappointed. She goes to school now, but we still have yet to put up her big bed.

It seems like we celebrated her birthday on a couple of different days, so she was a little confused as to when she actually turned four. We went to the movies, went out to lunch where she wanted to go, and also got together with grandpa and grandma and aunt Emily. She helped me decorate her birthday cake(s).


Courtney said...

What a sweet little girl. Her cakes look just like her preschool projects...I mean that in a good way:) I can't believe she's 4!

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday Genevieve!!!!