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Monday, March 31, 2008

Looking Like a Two Year Old

Juliette is twenty months old, but she is starting to look and act like two year old. This little hair do just makes me smile. She is so sweet and cute. She won't be a baby for much longer.


threecrazykids said...

I love the hairdo...she's adorable. The two's are such a cute age (although frustrating).

Mark and Karen said...

I've gone blog surfing again and look who I found! I can't believe your little one is that old!

You've got quite the talent with making necklaces though I'm not surprised. You've always been so good at everything you try!

andreamatrix said...

She is so cute with pigtails! I had no idea you were so talented! Knitting, jewelry, and do you do your own vinyl? So cool!